We are happy to announce that 4 Corners Food Co-op has found a temporary home!  One of our members was kind enough to give us a leg up and is letting us have the space for rent free for a little while til we get the store running smoothly.  It’s a start!  We invite you all to attend our Project Development meetings.  They will be held every other Thursday evening at 7pm. at our new location:  110 E Main St. Waterville, NY.  Take a tour of the facility, enjoy some delicious snacks from our local vendors, learn about where we are and what plans we have for the space.  Become a member/owner or member/owner/vendor and you will have many opportunities to make decisions on 4C’s future success.  We need our communities to be a part of this great project.  The more members…the more successful 4 Corners will be. 

Please go to our Members Page and see what the benefits are to being a 4C’s member.   (Member discounts, coupons, ownership, voting at our annual meetings) Just to name a few!

*Please read our Membership Page for more details.

Upcoming Project Development Meetings:
3/31 @7pm
4/14 @7pm
4/28 @7pm
5/12 @7pm
5/26 @7pm

All meetings will be held at our new location:  110 E Main St. Waterville, NY. 13480

See you there!